Kansola | Nigerian-American


Kansola nigerian american

Kansola (born Oyinkansola Famulegun)


Singer + Songwriter

Instagram: @iam_kansola

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Kansola is starting her career at a high note. A recent alumna of Howard University, she graduated with her B.B.A. in Computer Information Systems in just three years! Not only has she snagged a job at Twitter's San Francisco headquarters, but she's also doubling her career ambitions to become a full-time musician.

As a solo artist on SoundXtreem Records, Kansola has released a single and music video titled “Something I Want” produced by BossBeatz. Her music embodies a unique blend of Nigerian and American cultures. Check out her love-filled and upbeat music video below.

Her favorite quote is “Run your race,” which she believes has many meanings rolled into one phrase. For her, it means to push through obstacles and compete with yourself in order to achieve your goals. From the special quote, Kansola believes that people can maximize their potential if they fully embrace their unique qualities.“No one can be a better you than you.”

For daily inspiration, she pulls from different people who are able to succeed in areas that she wants to thrive in.

Well Kansola, you, yourself, are inspiring!