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Naomi Wachira | Kenyan-American Singer + Songwriter

naomi wachira kenyan american

Naomi Wachira was born and raised in Kijabe Mission Station. At the time, the small town was anchored by a bible college, a hospital and a printing press, which were owned by the African Inland Church. Naomi’s parents would cross paths at the college, later marry and settle down... Read more...

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Living In Between the Lines of My Butterscotch Skin

In college I had a keeper of all my heart’s unspoken riddles. He a DJ and I wrote poetry. At festivals he spun records and I wrote, danced, soaked in the sun...deeply soaked in the sun as it bronzed my beautiful caramel skin. Or so I thought.

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DNA Intergenerational Trauma Capsule

One night, several years ago, I was awoken to a sudden scream downstairs in the living room. My body jolted out of bed as I heard my father yelling. I couldn’t make out the words from his moment of terror. I woke him up. He quickly convulsed and opened his eyes.

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Featured Profile

Johnny Márquez | Mexican-American '17 Graduate

johnny marquez mexican american

A fresh college graduate from Corpus Christi, Texas, Johnny Marquez is the son of Mexican immigrants. His father is from Acatitlan de Zaragoza, Queretaro and mother from Mexico City, Mexico. 27 years ago, Johnny’s parents migrated to the U.S. in pursuit of the American Dream. Read more...

More Interviews

Victor Chen: Chinese-American Martial Artist + Actor

Myanmar – the birthplace of Victor’s parents. China – their paternal and maternal ancestry. In search of a better life, the Chen’s moved to California about 35 years ago. They left behind memories of a world so different, yet continued to uphold...

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Nathaniel Kweku: Ghanaian-American Actor + Filmmaker

Ghana – the first sub-Saharan African country to achieve independence from European colonization – and the ancestral home of Nathaniel Kweku. His mother was born in Cape Coast, and father in Accra, the capital of Ghana...

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Nathaniel Kweku: "Growing Up Immigrant"

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